Our Best Color is Green

At M. Graham, we’ve made conscious choices about our product, our processes and our materials — all with an eye towards protecting and preserving our people and our environment.

  • Our product and our manufacturing is solvent-free.
  • 100% of our power is purchased through the renewable power option.  We've optimized our power use with efficiency lighting, detectors and timers. And we're buying carbon offsets to balance out the energy we do use.
  • We seek out and purchase equipment that would otherwise be decommissioned.
  • Our production waste is 1% (compared with an industry average of 3%).  The factory wash water waste used for cleaning equipment is recycled and reused for 2 weeks before it is collected, filtered and reclaimed for reuse.
  • We purchase real carbon offsets from our power suppliers: NW Natural and PGE. Our shop uses no more energy than the average Oregon home.
  • Our Cadmium pigment is a by-product of zinc manufacturing where it begins as a highly toxic metal and is converted into a beautiful "biologically unavailable" pigment that meets all current EPA requirements for disposal as non hazardous solid waste.
  • Our paperboard box packaging is made with post consumer recycled paper waste and our marketing materials contain 30% or more post consumer waste. We recycle vendor boxes and the paper backers from our labels are repurposed as packing material.
  • Our walnut oil is from Juglans regia grafted onto Black walnut stock for natural disease resistance.  The shells are used for other manufacturing applications and the remaining nut meat is used in animal feed.