Announcing Azo Coral: A New, Limited-Edition Oil Color

M-Graham-Azo-Coral-Oil-ColorWe are pleased to introduce Azo Coral 11-015, a limited-edition oil color.

Azo Coral 11-015 is a semi-transparent glazing orange with a vibrant red leaning mass tone and a beautiful orange undertone. This new color is a uniquely creamy formulation, ideal for glazing directly from the tube as well as body color applications.

Azo Coral 11-015 is formulated with Orange 62 and Red 254 pigments, which produce a color stronger than Quinacridone Red, not quite as dominant as Naphthol Red Red, yet more orange than Indian Yellow.  Our new Azo Coral possesses the ease of handling one expects of a color fully dispersed in walnut oil and the strength of a color that comes with the high pigment loads considered a hallmark of all our color.


We love this color because it’s unlike any other in our lineup. We’ve introduced it because we want to offer artists a glazing orange unique to both our lines and others’.

Only 6,000 1.25 oz tubes of Azo Coral 11-015 have been produced. They will be available for a limited time as part of a special promotion starting mid-January 2016.