Welcome to the M. Graham Artists’ Spotlight

We’re featuring artists who have discovered M. Graham color and use it in their work.  This is a new endeavor for us. We’ve always enjoyed meeting artists who appreciate our work and are happy to provide a showcase for theirs.

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  • Diane Russell - Oil

    Diane Russell’s paintings reflect her passion for music and Dance. Diane paints with M. Graham oil paints. She uses pure paint with a touch of walnut oil, applying many thin layers to achieve vibrant and translucent color in her paintings.
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  • Jeremy Okai Davis - Acrylic

    Jeremy Okai Davis's work is a reflection of his life and concerns, sometimes taking a pop spin in response to the media he is fed, albeit willingly, and at other times, an intimate portrait-based approach.
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  • Acey Thompson - Gouache

    Acey is an artist based in Portland, Oregon, but is originally from Pasadena, California. She graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a major in General Fine Arts.
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  • Ron Stocke - Watercolor

    Ron Stocke is a watercolorist who lives in Everett, WA.  He started using M. Graham watercolors because they were the first paints that allowed the full tonal values he desires in his art.
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  • Kirk Lybecker - Oil

    Kirk Lybecker lives and paints in Portland Ore.  He has been using M. Graham oil paints for years. He made the switch because he discovered the color intensity of M. Graham paint.
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