Azo Coral oil color FREE with Purchase of Titanium White – Now Available

Get your limited-edition 1.25 oz. tube of Azo Coral oil color FREE with purchase of a 5 oz. Titanium White oil color, now available while supplies last at participating retailers and online from the Merri Artist and Jerry’s Artarama! This semi-transparent glazing orange has a vibrant, red-leaning mass tone and a beautiful orange undertone. It’s ideal for glazing directly from the tube as well as body color applications.

“We’re excited to be able to reward our loyal artist community with such a unique color,” says color-maker Art Graham.

Many M. Graham Facebook followers have been raving about the new color since it’s announcement last month:






“Waiting for this color is like having to wait to open Christmas presents when I was a kid!”



“Now that is one beautiful color!”

That looks so luscious I want to roll in it—but that would probably be bad for me…..

What will you paint with your Azo Coral? We’d love to see what you are working on, share your photos with us on Facebook.

About M. Graham artist’s oil paints: For over 25 years, M. Graham & Co. has manufactured a complete line of artist’s oil color, ground in walnut oil and known for their exceptional brilliance, ease-of-use, and permanence. Read our press release.