Jeremy Okai Davis's work is a reflection of his life and concerns, sometimes taking a pop spin in response to the media he is fed, albeit willingly, and at other times, an intimate portrait-based approach.
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AT THE HEART of our acrylic color lies a unique high-solids pure acrylic emulsion.  It creates stronger, more intense color and provides a creamy delicacy of touch that offers a world of opportunity from fine detail to broad, full brushed applications.


High-Solid Acrylic Emulsion

Containing 60% solids (instead of the usual 45% found in artists color), our acrylic emulsion allows us to increase pigment loads and eliminate artificial thickeners.   The result is increased pigment loads for more intense color and enhanced working properties with the flow and delicacy normally found only in fine gouaches.

Compare Our Color

We spend hours milling our colors to coax the highest pigment loads into our paints. Compare us. We believe you will agree, M. Graham makes better color.
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