How We Make Paints

What makes really good color is the choice of vehicle, the quality of pigment, and the care with which you prepare them.

We use only the very best vehicles »

Whether it’s the walnut oil, the honey used in our watercolor or the high solid acrylic emulsion, our vehicles are all chosen because they are qualitatively different: In terms of their appearance.  In terms of how much pigment they can carry.  In terms of how they feel and respond on the artist’s brush.

We select the finest pigments »

We select the finest example of every pigment from sources all over the world.  To most, this means they are the highest grade. To us, it means they are the most beautiful of their kind.  And after going to such lengths to find them, we wouldn't dream of diluting them. So when we make color, we don't use fillers.  We don't use extenders.  We don't put adulterants in.  These all have a negative impact on color and the eye sees it.

We take our time, spend the effort, carefully mix each color in the time-honored traditions of craftsmen »

Our color is made in small batches.  Every one is different.  They all have their own personality.  They're kind of like children that way.  You have to patiently nurture their potential, applying just the perfect amount of mill pressure and speed to coax the optimum pigment load and dispersion.  This is the work of craftsman.  No amount of high-volume industrial standardization can match this level of care.