History & Mission

M. Graham & Co. was founded 25 years ago by two artists with a passion for oil painting and the Renaissance masters.

Both founders graduated with fine art degrees in the 1970s, exactly at the time when artists were beginning to voice concerns about the health effects from toxins in their art materials.

They set out to create a fine art supply company that would serve artists by providing them with safe, high-quality, solvent-free oil colors that would be worthy of the masters.

M. Graham is a pioneer in bringing back the traditional art of hand-crafted, small batch paint made with the historic natural bases of walnut oil and honey.

Mission Accomplished

Today, M. Graham lives up to its original mission to serve artists by providing the finest colors available.

And it makes a difference.

“I started using your color and I got accepted into a show.”

“I started using your color and I got representation.”  

“I started using your color and my paintings look amazing.”

Artists thank M. Graham and share their enthusiasm for M. Graham colors throughout social media (#mgraham).

Compare Our Color

Graham colors are worthy of Da Vinci—but made for you.

Every choice we make—from using the purest, traditional ingredients to taking the time to custom mill each pigment—is in service to one goal: creating rich, vibrant colors to excite and enhance your work. Because of our choices, no other paint offers you the same level of pigment as ours.