Robin Weiss

Robin Weiss is a plein air oil painter working and teaching at The Knowles Studio in Poulsbo, Washington. His work is acquired by both private and corporate collectors and has been featured in publications worldwide.

Why Robin paints with M. Graham artists’ oil colors:

“I like the way M. Graham paint mixes because that color intensity will not grade down very much. It’ll stay intense on my panel. And the walnut oil, the way it spreads the paint across the panel is something else that I like.

“When I’m painting on location it’s mostly alla prima, which means you begin a painting and finish it in one sitting. So I like to paint wet and wet. And I want that paint to stay malleable and movable. When I finish the painting I might want to go in the next day. I still want that fresh, wet paint to go into. And M. Graham paint delivers that for me.”