Michele Usibelli

Working primarily in oils, Michele Usibelli is an award-winning artist who also enjoys acrylics, gouache and pastels. Her work has been shown in both group and solo gallery exhibitions as well as regional, national and international juried exhibitions. Her work is in the permanent collection at the University of Alaska Fairbanks/Museum of the North.

Why Michele uses M. Graham gouache:

“I began in oil. I used it successfully in many different genres, many different subject matters. But as an artist, I’m always trying to grow. And so I decided gouache would be something that I wanted to try. I chose gouache because I like to paint plein air. But it wasn’t until I found the M. Graham paints that I really fell in love with that medium.

“What I love about Graham gouache is that I can use it a lot like I would approach an oil painting. I do direct bold strokes that I put down and leave down. And what I’ve come to realize is the honey that M. Graham uses in their gouache really allows a buttery, direct, clean approach to painting.

“The paint stays wet longer. And for a plein air painting that’s very important. I don’t have to fight the drying processes quite as fast.”