Introducing 25 more colors

For artists who love more color

Fall in love with your new favorite color

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’re giving you 25 more reasons to fall in love with M. Graham artist oil colors.

Bismuth Yellow 019
Hansa Yellow Deep 106
Azo Orange 017
Scarlet Pyrrol 176
Azo Coral 015
Pyrrol Red 154
Maroon Perylene 113
Mineral Violet 116
Ultramarine Purple 192
Phthalocyanine Blue Red Shade 141
Cobalt Teal 097
Cobalt Turquoise 098
Emerald Green 103
Phthalocyanine Green Yellow Shade 151
Cobalt Green 095
Permanent Green Pale 131
Chromium Oxide Green 086
Green Earth 104
Chrome Tin Yellow 087
Nickel Azo Yellow 123
Nickel Quinacridone Gold 124
Quinacridone Rust 157
Chroma Black 075
Warm White (Unbleached Titanium) 198
Titanium White Sunflower 181

M. Graham has more color for you to love

For 25 years, we’ve been dedicated to making distinctive, extraordinary artists colors to excite and enhance your work.

We use pure, traditional walnut oil in our paints—just as the Renaissance masters did. Because of its unique refractive index, walnut oil: resists yellowing and fading; illuminates and enhances color; and can carry a higher pigment load.

As a result of our careful handcrafting, our 100% solvent-free paints offer more intense color saturation— including higher mass tone and tint strength—than any others on the market

The best paints make better paintings. See for yourself.

M. Graham’s swatch on the left contains superior color saturation over the competition.

Fall in love with your new favorite color


“I started out in acrylics, and then I discovered M. Graham paints. I didn’t know you could paint without solvents.”

Diane Russell
oil painter

Painting by Diane Russell, used with permission from the artist.