Acey Thompson

Acey Thompson is a Portland, Oregon based artist who works primarily in watercolor and gouache. Her work has been included in Art Dogs: 100 Postcards (Robynne Raye, 2014) and DIY Dog Portraits (Garbot, Cuddy, Call, Barnes, McCully, Hernandez, Ferrara, Molinari, Foster, 2015).

Why Acey uses M. Graham gouaches:

“When I was using student-grade paint, it was like trying to mix together two shades of glue. It was sticky, like tar or something. I hated it. Finally, I decided to try one of the artist grades. I went with M. Graham because it was a reasonable price.

“It’s consistent with every color, which is really nice. It’s also important to me that a high-quality product is coming from just regular people. It’s not a faceless corporation. I really appreciate that about M. Graham.”